Geoff Starling
BBus, AdvDipMktMgt, Elite Personal Trainer
Neutral Bay, Lower North Shore NSW
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Remove gym fees from your training budget with 100% outdoor sessions:

 :: Parks, Beaches, Playgrounds
 :: Cardio Boxing, Field Training, Bodyweight Intensives
 :: Grizzly will come to YOU and design a completely unique exercise program built
around your goals, availability, budget and access to training grounds

Get on board:  0404 501 585  geoff@grizzlypt.com


February '11

Celebration of life
It is with immense happiness that I am able to share with you all the birth of my first son Evan Robert. Our little man came into the world on 22nd January and is quickly making himself at home, eating up a storm and making his Daddy proud. This is by far the greatest testament to my fighting through the surgeries with a positive attitude and unwavering dedication to fitness and a healthy diet, especially considering he was conceived within 4 months of leaving the ward. What an amazing new chapter to unfold. 

Iron Radio Interview


November '10

Stepping in the ring with local youth + Spreading the word about "Getting on with the job"
A principal focus of the PCYC is to breed young boxers and to this end I underwent tuition to become an accredited coach. I am now a Registered Trainer with Boxing Australia. This month also saw Geoff interviewed on Iron Radio about returning to life after surgery. Click on the image to listen or right-click to "save as".


August '10

So long, winter. Don't let the sun hit you on the way out!
Ah spring, the most conducive season for exercise.. It's cool, sunny and dry out there folks so let's take advantage and shed the winter coat. Lots going on behind the scenes here including a brand new website so keep your eyes peeled for the wandering bear. This months newsletter is also about to drop so please send me your email address to be added to the mailing list and stay on top of specials and upcoming events. See you on the field!

April '10

Cardio Strength Training hits PCYC North Sydney
GrizzlyPT introduces a 45min class incorporating bodyweight exercises, free weights and cardio kickboxing in an intense circuit-style format that will blow-torch body fat and build solid muscle to change the way you look and feel from head to toe. Details are:

Cardio Strength Training


      **Classes temporarily suspended**
      PCYC North Sydney, 224 Falcon St (opp North Sydney Oval)
      FRIDAY MORNINGS 0700-0745
      $15 per class
      All experience levels welcome & FIRST CLASS IS FREE!


Feb '10

Defying the doctors
They said I wouldn't be able to return to work for at least 3 months but here I am at week 14 with a full book of morning sessions that I've been looking after since December and already doing full sets of pull-ups and handstand presses (but then again they said I shouldn't be breathing so..). Thank you again to Lucinda for holding the fort while I was out and for all of you strong and loyal members who weathered the storm.
Balmoral medball crunch

The 'quiet' time allowed for some extra projects to get underway as well including:


Nov '09

Back under the knife...
After spending the last 10 months recovering from my lobectomy and feeling as close to 100% as I can remember it was a huge surprise to say the least to find myself back in emergency at Royal North Shore with severe abdominal cramps. I woke up in intensive care
48hrs later with the news that my stomach had herniated into the space where my lung used to be through a small opening in the diaphragm and had to be COMPLETELY REMOVED!! I'll be in the care of RNS for a couple weeks while my small intestine learns to become my stomach (wierd thought hey) then gradually build my palette and stamina back up. In the mean time I'll be doing more consulting and hands-off training with the bulk of sessions going to Lucinda. Thanks everyone for your patience while we pass over this hurdle.


Oct '09

A grand day on the lawn
In the spirit of Grizzly being a lifestyle community and not just about 'structured bouts of exercise' we hit the rink at North Sydney Bowlo on Sunday for a few rounds of barefoot bowls! From all accounts it was a great way to spend an afternoon - thanks everyone for coming out! Suggestions are open for the next 'social' : )


Sept '09

Here comes the sun!!
The rays are starting to push through which means more fun outside the gym : ) Enjoy the vitamin D by yourself or wrangle up a few friends and form your own group session - the more of you the cheaper it gets! Contact Geoff for venue ideas and methods for creating your own team or
discuss joining an existing group.

July '09

Members welcome
Say hello to the newest member of the North Sydney PCYC Members Committee!!

In a unanimous vote at the AGM last night, Geoff was voted onto the council to represent the Personal Training aspect of the gym's operations. What does this mean for you? Primarily the ability to propose changes and programs to suit the needs of personal training, it also means Grizzly will enjoy increased exposure in the club so our family will grow with new and interesting people. I plan to start a couple of weights-focused group sessions at the PCYC very soon, please let me know if you would be interested. If you haven't been to the PCYC yet, drop me a line to arrange a tour and complimentary workout!


      June '09

      Updated venue list:
      7 Parraween St, Cremorne (pictured left)
North Sydney PCYC, 224-230 Falcon St (below)



Also: Clifton Gardens, Balls Head, Forsyth Park, Middle Head, North Sydney, Graythwaite Park, Watt Park, Lavender Bay, Crows Nest, Kirribilli, Balmoral, Luna Park, Blues Point, Waverton Park, Cremorne Point, Bradleys Head, Chinamans Beach, Rosherville Reserve, Primrose Park, Gore Creek, Berry Island, St Leonards Park, Cammeray Reserve, Greenwich Point, Shell Park - more to come!

Feb '09

Well it's been a long 'off season' but Grizzly Personal Training is back in full effect!!
And if I can have half a lung cut out over Christmas then you can turn up for training, NO EXCUSES!!

- The weather's great and days are long
- That New Years resolution isn't going to serve itself AND most importantly
- Exercise is about the most stress-relieving activity on the planet!

So if the current 'climate' is getting you down and dollars are tight, cancel your subscription to the local take-away restaurant and INVEST in your health and well being for today AND tomorrow.



       Spot a Grizzly sticker and make yourself $20!*

       *sticker promotion limited to one per person, must have at least some interest in engaging
       the services of Grizzly Personal Training and complete the evaluation to receive $20

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:: Outdoor Cardio, Boxing & Field Training
:: Functional Strength & Bodybuilding
:: Online Personal Training (programs, diet, motivation)
:: Meal Planning
:: Lifestyle Management (motivation, accountability, habit exchange)

Perfect for Individuals, Pairs, Small Groups and Corporate Teams
In or around your home, work or apartment complex.

Fully equipped gym available at North Sydney PCYC

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Geoff Starling: Owner & Operator
Geoff Starling is a fully certified and insured Elite Personal Trainer (Certificate IV in Fitness) and Level 1 Boxing Trainer who has been a member of the fitness community for over 12 years. Geoff specialises in body shape changes and overall wellbeing, believing in the holistic benefits obtained equally from physical and psychological fitness. His favourite tools for affecting this are weight bearing exercise, cardio/technical boxing, outdoor training and group circuits.
Although his roots lay in classic bodybuilding, including competing at state level, Geoff is a solid follower of the new-school philosophies of total body conditioning and functional training - enriching your everyday operation as well as physical appearance. Geoff enjoys utilising environmental features such as playground equipment, bush tracks, beaches and streetscapes to enhance your training and incorporates these into his programming as much as possible. This not only makes your sessions much more dynamic than training in a gym but also breaks your training away from the arduous routine of sets, reps and stopwatches.

Contact Geoff today on 0404 501 585 to arrange a complimentary evaluation and discuss your goals 

Time's Up!

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Dave Cook - After

"After neglecting my health to focus on my career, my weight was at a very dangerous level. After little success at keeping any losses off through an unmotivating and uninspiring gym membership Geoff accepted the challenge and is helping me to become two-thirds of the man I was.
Dave, 28, made the decision to change his life and hasn't looked back

"5 months later the weight is coming off... and staying off! I'm feeling better than I ever have. Geoff's approach has changed my view of diet and exercise through small changes here and there that I barely noticed I was doing. I now have a healthy diet, increased energy and confidence and am constantly impressed that I need to buy smaller clothes!!

I have no doubts that Grizzly PT has saved my life from being cut significantly short and I owe them the best years that are yet to come. Thanks G

"Geoff is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. His workouts are always varied and fun and I always feel better afterwards! I've also appreciated his guidance around nutrition and lifestyle. I have lost weight and feel much stronger and more fit."
Emily, 25, Running City 2 Surf for first time

"I first engaged Geoff's services in October 2008 to help me lose weight. Since then, Geoff has provided me with diverse and continuously changing workouts that keep me interested and focused. His in-depth advice and realistic
attitude towards nutrition and everyday behaviours have helped me to make long term lifestyle changes. His commitment and motivation has helped me achieve my goals and has resulted in a 22kg weight loss over 5 months. Now I feel better than I have in years!"
Craig, 29, 134-112kg and going strong!

"Geoff is constantly giving me encouragement for my weight loss goals and toning. He has made me many different programs over the years, even when I was living overseas, with exercises that are always changing and exciting. Whether it's outdoors or at the gym, I'm confident in Geoff's abilities to guide me through the toughest workout with his 'no quit' attitude. I have found also that his experience and knowledge in diet, meal timing, supplements and leading a heathly lifestyle have inspired me to become all round fitter and feeling stronger and better"

Darren, 30, Gained 2kg of muscle in 10 days with 'Grizzly Intensive'


"To any and all,
I've known Geoff for quite some time and have always respected and learned from his experience and knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Being involved in the fitness industry myself, it helps to know someone you can draw information from and continue to learn the little 'know-how's' of fitness and exercise.
In my last trip to Sydney I was able to train with Geoff and ask him questions on things someone only in his position of expertise would be able to provide a credible answer to.
I highly recommend Geoff as an instructor and coach to anyone wanting to change their physique and get well on the road to looking and feeling good. If I was living in Sydney I would make full use of his services."

John Graham, 25, Personal Trainer and Union player (Shenzhen, China)


"Congratulations on such a fantastic submission! You were professional, knowledgeable and welcoming the whole way through and I know I'd be more than happy to have you train me!
Friendly and professional in behaviour and attire.. All exercises were safely and effectively instructed with great tips along the way. You exhibit care and interest in your client at all stages of the assessment.
Your circuit was well planned and presented, and your instruction was thorough and attentive.. a great demonstration of your obviously in-depth knowledge of strength training.
Fantastic work, Geoff! An exemplary assignment"

Network ePT Final Assessment Feedback


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Sand Training 101: Sand_Training_101.doc

Optimal Nutrition: Optimal_Nutrition.doc

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